about me

Runa Hatariy
(human being awake)


Foto: Sascha Gorbach

Born and bred in stinky Linz
Somewhere among grey snow and walls full of disappointment.
not able to swim in the amniotic water of the danube,
have gone down,
have lost myself in the depth.
Cannot breathe on the surface.
Can just exist in my dance




Pre-Education MoveOn
(Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Pilates)

Educational Theory of Dance
(Modern Dance, Ballet, Laban, Contemporary Dance,
Authentic Movement, Chladek, Yoga, Contact Improvisation)

Study of Chladek Technique
(Shaping of the Body, Study of Movements, Creation of Movements, Rhythmics)

Classes with Aiko, LABfactory (Butoh combined with Western Dance Techniques)

Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Musical Jazz, Ethnic Dances,
Contemporary Dance, Modern Expression Dance,
taekwon do, kickboxing, karate
Contact Improvisation (Inge Kaindlsdorfer) ,
Tai Chi (Master Jiang Xue Ying) ,
My Connected Body (Veronika Vogt) ,
Authentic Voice (Miriam Papst), taekwon do, kickboxing

Ballet, Capoeira, Afro, Modern Limon, Modern Dance (Graham based),
Oriental Dance, Choreography, Improvisation and Composition,
Flight Basics, Release Training, Contemporary Dance,
Noh Theatre, Dance Imagination, Voice Improvisation

Butoh Classes and Workshops with:
Hiromi Harada, Moe Yamamoto, DaniMayu,
Tadashi Endo, Ko Murobushi, Yumiko Yoshioka,
Daisuke Yoshimoto

Since 2008 training and co-operation with DaniMayu.

Co-founder of ButohKan Mayu – ButohCenter Austria